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The following studies are made available in Rich Text format (RTF) and Portable Document format (PDF).  RTF is intended for word processor use to ease the transition to your own materials.  It will open in your word processor, ready for you to use and edit.  PDF will provide the best format for review and study.  It will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader (avalable at  

We only ask that you review the links above if you are new to the site, or, simply want to know where we stand on the Gospel and discipleship.  We consider their review a prerequisite to all studies. 
Workman Ministries also feels it is vital that you approach Bible study having first prayerfully confessed any known sin and seeking wisdom and understanding from God.
More studies to come as conversions from old formats continue. Feel free to suggest a topic. As always, if you have any comments or questions, please direct them to us via the email link below.

Please click here for a description of how to become saved.

Please click here for a description of post-salvation discipleship

Yes, abortion is wrong; but not for the reasons you suspect.


Are we all the children of God?


Animal Rights
What does it mean to be stewards of God's creation?
There are eight different types of baptisms in Scripture.
How well do you know the differences?
Is the Bible simply the product of the best efforts of textual critics?
Bible History and Versions
More than you will ever care to know about how your Bible got here.
Birth of Christ
No, the commonly held beliefs are not exactly correct.
Capital Punishment
Can a loving God demand death at our hands?
Church Experience
Should you buy the "there is no perfect church" explanation?
Has it become a casualty of our culture?



"Distinguish between the ages and the Scriptures become plain."--Saint Augustine
Is it allowed? Is it advisable?
This story isn't exactly like you have been told, either.
Who qualifies? What is their Scriptural responsibility?
So much for the, "It's all about me." philosophy.
Galation Error
A detailed explanation of Paul's letter to the Galations and how the same problem is rampant in today's churches.
Do You Feel Intimidated?
If you were wrong on something as important as basic Bible doctrines, would you want to know?
James Chapter 2 Brochure
There must be some works involved in salvation since James says faith without works is dead, right? How many evangelicals misinterpret James Chapter 2.
Jesuit Doctrine
What ultimately happens when the church divides people into priests and laity.
Judas: Was He Saved?
This examines all the Scripture references, pro and con.
Lordship Salvation
Yes, it is an oxymoron! The single biggest heresy in the evangelical church today.
Ministry: The Two-Cookie Ministry
Anyone can do it! Everyone should be doing it!
Go to a Presbyterian church? Do you really know what you are being asked to believe?
From God's perspective, what is real ?
It's really just bad karma, right?
Many of the best of evangelical churches still err in the definition and application of repentance.
Romans 10
Does the "Roman's road" work as a Gospel tract? Not if you make this common error in Romans 10! [Brochure]
Sabbath Day
Is it Sunday? Is it Saturday? Is it everyday?
Salvation: Is Nitpicky Okay?
Does a little bit of leaven leaveneth the whole lump?
Salvation Quiz
Think you can pass with out looking at the answers?  [Brochure]
Satan, Demons, and Witchcraft
What everyone should know.
Science and Evolution
Do you really know the "scientific method." Do you know its limitations? Can you spot how it is abused by both camps?
Science and Evolution Addendum
The Environmental 'Crisis' Scorecard, or, how science is used to further political agendas.
Sin: Is it Inhereited?
Did you inherit Adam's sin, or, just his sinful nature?
Spiritual Gifts
Why the popular ' tests' don't work.
Tithing (and related money matters)
There is no tithing during the Church Age and, no, your pastor should not be an employee of the church!
Gospel Verses
Over 200 SCriptural versus demonstrating the real Gospel. It's not rocket science!
Who deserves it and from where should it come?

Greek & Hebrew Fonts
From BST. Needed to display RTFs and PDFs correctly.
Workman Ministries Interlinear Greek New Testament Bible
Others have done the hard work. I have simply compiled the KJV, Stevens 1550 Textus Receptus, Scriverner's 1894 Textus Receptus, Byzantine (Syrian) Majority Text, and Alexandrian into an interlinear format. It's 541 pp., and 1.8 MB.
Workman Ministries Greek Old Testament Interlinear Bible
Again, others have done the hard work. I have compiled the KJV and Septuagint/LXX into an interlinear format. It's 1787 pages and 4.3 MB.
Handbook of Personal Evangelism
Dr. A. Ray Stanford, Founder of Christian Youth Ranches, Grove Community Church, Florida Bible Church and Florida Bible College. (1991) [Your first clue that these folks "get it" is that they are offering this fine resource for free. Well done!]  [1 MB]


E-Sword Bible Reference Software
In my view, this is the top dog in Bible study software. It's as good as it gets! Kudos to Rick Meyers in this inspired effort!
The Trinitarian Bible Society
If it has something to do with the KJV, you'll find it here.