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When you click the SUBMIT button, your comment and question is immediately delivered to a mobile device held by the founder of Workman Ministries. He will answer you directly, or, will forward the comment or question to a team member with more expertise in that particular area.
Workman Ministries (WM) Privacy Policy:
<> WM, in the normal course of good engineering practice and security, collects standard IP traffic information to the site. This traffic information is available for thirty days and then discarded. At no time is any traffic-related information sold, leased, or otherwise disseminated to any other party.
<> WM forwards all comments and questions directly and immediately to individuals within the ministry assigned responsibility for addressing the comments or answering the questions. The first name and city of newly saved individuals are forwarded to a prayer chain unless: (1) the individual requests otherwise, or, (2) the location is understood as being religiously intolerant (in which case neither the first name or closest city are forwarded to the prayer chain). Comments or questions (and any attached information) are not saved, stored, or disseminated except as described above.
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