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As the founder, I receive no money from the ministry, nor does anyone else involved. The ministry does not accept donations, receiving zero income.  All costs are paid out-of-pocket.  This is because we prefer to wait for our reward.  Obviously, the lack of income would limit distribution of materials and outreach activities if it all relied on us, but it does not.  I encourage disciples of Christ to copy and add materials to assist them in their own ministry.
[In fact, if you have an idea for a topic, have already completed an essay, or simply want someone from WM to look it over, then send it along. We would be glad to review, confer, or even add to the site if you so desire. That's how this works!]
No income taxes are paid and no exemption is claimed for nonprofit work.  I learned long ago that some people support a ministry solely to write the expenses off on their taxes.  I do not need that form of help.  Besides, Christian organizations got along fine before the introduction of tax incentives and the good ones will continue to do so after the incentives are removed. 
As a Christian organization, the goal is to produce study materials and promote doctrinal-related dialog that reflect the work of the Holy Spirit.  If anything good is to come from this ministry (or any other), it will be only through the influence and guidance of the Spirit.  If that were truly the case, how would one copyright the work of the Holy Spirit?  It would not be a private work.  It would belong to the Spirit and, therefore, to any believer in fellowship with God.  
As such, none of the materials available from Workman Ministries are copyrighted.  Some would argue that this position leaves us open to those who disagree with the positions taken by the ministry and mean to undermine it.  Since we believe that the Holy Spirit is all that is needed to interpret Scripture, then we are perfectly willing to let any believer judge the value of these efforts against any criticism leveled against it.